Give us your complex content and we'll make the translation process fast and simple. With over 50 specialist translators, we can match a technical linguist for your required language pairs and content category. The translators then work inside our advanced cloud-based translation workbench where we can centralize security and quality control.
Get your translation projects completed faster, Even the most complex can be made simple
We have been trusted to complete thousands of successful technical translation projects

Translation Services we provide:


We ensure you get certified and accurate legal translations. We are trusted by thousands of lawyers across the globe. We offer a secure and confidential translation process. For larger projects all translations can take place inside our Intelligent Translation Platform, and all through a secure 256-bit encrypted network.

We have a group of specialized translators who know the law like you do.


We provide a great value, accurate financial document translation service tailored to banking and financial institutions. Our financial clients are assigned a project manager to ensure a smooth transition between all phases of the translation process. We provide you with translators with either legal, marketing or financial backgrounds depending on the type of translation required.


We provide a certified medical translation you can trust We have the expertise and experience to complete your medical translation needs right from simple medical receipts for insurance purposes, to complex pharmaceutical research reports. We have translators with medical and scientific backgrounds so you don't have to worry about the complexity that normally surrounds medical translations, we have it covered. Our unique pricing model means you can benefit from all this specialization but it won't cost you the earth.


Each industry deploys its own particular jargon that must be standardized to convey the same factual information in a foreign language. Given that technology is constantly evolving, it is essential for the technical translator to keep pace with innovation. We make sure that all of our technical translators do this so that they possess an up-to-date glossary of technical terms that is specific to their industry.

Marketing & Advertising

You can have the confidence you need to publish your campaign because we are experts in translating marketing and advertising content and can work with almost any file type. With a massive pool of translators we hand pick the perfect person to bring your product or service to life across the globe. We even offer desktop publishing support, font advice for the difficulties around Cyrillic scripts, localization and many other features.

Tourism & Travel

We have a huge amount of experience in the hospitality sector and offer great low prices and intelligent solutions for you to meet the market faster and cheaper. We produce accurate dynamic translations in any language. We provide individual quotes for each and every translation task to provide you the best price possible. We can select a pricing model that best suits your timeframe, language pairs and content so that you never pay more than you need to get a quality translation.

Video Transcription

SlT Video Translation Services provides a range of translation options for your video content that includes subtitling, voiceover, transcription and captioning.
Our Transcript Translation Service is the easiest way to translate your video transcription files. Simply upload your source file(s), choose your source and target languages, get an instant quote and place your order, all within minutes. Our translators are native speakers who ensure professional-quality and are equipped to translate XLS, Word, SRT, TTML and many other file formats.


At SlT we understand website translations like no other and have a range of tools and systems combined with our pool of thousands of professional human translators to ensure you can get your website in any language quickly, easily and without a huge cost.


You make a great game and we help the World playing it!
At SlT we remove the hassles of getting your game localized. With 24/7 customer service in all time zones, available via live chat, email, phone and the World’s most advanced translation platform, you can be certain our professional team are working around the clock to get your projects completed on time.