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Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of the more complex translation fields; given its specialized legal concepts, terminology, and vocabulary that vary due to different laws from one country to another and the fact that any simple mistake therein may lead to serious consequences, including financial or lawsuit-related loss.

This means the need to take into account accuracy in linguistic, grammatical, and morphological rules and the use of correct legal terminology, especially since the matter is closely related to rights and obligations, and any error in translation may cause serious consequences for any of the contracting parties. This is what our legal translator takes into account in his translation, and you will find a translation certified by legal translation experts.

Therefore, we are keen at STREAMLINE TRANSLATION SERVICES that the translation of legal documents be assigned to specialized translators with deep experience in legal translation, who are well-versed in various legal systems and possess an abundant stock of legal vocabulary and terminology that helps them provide certified and correct legal translation to the highest levels of accuracy, quality, and conformity to the original text without compromising the legal effect.

Thousands of lawyers and legal firms around the world trusted us to translate a wide range of legal content, including but not limited to contracts of all types, lawsuits, complaints, legal documents, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, real estate files, and other types of legal translation. Our legal translations have been accepted by official government agencies such as courts, free zones, real estate departments, embassies, and ministries.

You do not have to worry about the security and confidentiality of your legal documents, as we provide a legal translation that is characterized by the highest levels of security and confidentiality. For larger projects, we translate all legal files within our smart translation platform, all through a secure 256-bit encrypted network.