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Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

We, at STREAMLINE TRANSLATION SERVICES, offer two types of Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE):

Light Post-Editing is particularly suitable for more technical content. This could include training materials or the text displayed in user interfaces and user assistance.

Light Post-Editing has the following aims:

  • Focus on meaning and readability.
  • Fewer corrections.
  • Terminology is accurate.
  • Linguistically correct (no spelling or grammar issues).

This second option requires the translator to undertake a more in-depth form of post-editing. Full Post-Editing is most suitable for texts with high visibility, such as marketing and promotional content.

This option encompasses the goals of Light-Post Editing with the following additional benefits:

  • Focus on meaning, readability, and style.
  • Cultural references accurate (localized).
  • Linguistically perfect.
  • Stylistically consistent.
  • Terminology is standardized throughout.
  • The translation sounds perfectly “human”.